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Variety Four Pack

Choosing a favorite Siren Snacks flavor is nearly impossible, so for a limited time only we're offering a special Variety Four-Pack with one pouch of each flavor! Includes One Pouch of Siren's Cookie Dough, Dark Chocolate Brownie, Lemon Poppyseed, and Snickerdoodle Protein Bites.

Lemon Poppyseed

Move over, muffins! our zesty, lemon poppyseed protein bites bring you back to that lazy sunday morning mentality. Plus, with plant-based protein, these bites will add an extra twist of delight to your day.
10-Pack Case - $28.00

Cookie Dough

No need to sneak it raw or lick the bowl. your sweet, cookie dough dreams have finally been answered. We’ve recreated your cookie dough fantasy with guilt-free ingredients and supercharged it with plant-based protein.

10-Pack Case - $28.00


A pinch of sweet, a dash of spice, and a whole lotta nice. We think snickerdoodle is the most underrated type of cookie, so we decided to give it the love and attention it deserves using plant-based protein and fresh ground cinnamon in every bite.
10-Pack Case - $28.00

Dark Chocolate Brownie

Dark chocolate lovers, rejoice! we’ve cranked up the cocoa and loaded each bite with dark chocolate chunks and rich brownie flavor. With a boost of plant-based protein, this innocent indulgence is impossible to resist.
10-Pack Case - $28.00

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